Why Now Is The Time To Start Using Drones In Business.

From Military to Consumer and finally to Business The past 18 months has seen a “ perfect storm ” of technology, economic and regulatory factors that has resulted in drone technology becoming a realistic mainstream professional tool, delivering real and immediate benefits to enterprise and government organisations. Modern professional drones […]

How are Civil Infrastructure Professionals Using Drones?

THE INSPECTION OF STRUCTURES like roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and railroads is a task that can often be made more efficient, effective and safer with drone technology. The traditional costs associated with inspecting these pieces of infrastructure are often so exorbitant that officials will often simply avoid performing the task. […]

Drones In Agriculture

Since 2002, Brazil has collected 400,000 tons of empty pesticide containers from 1.3 million farms for proper disposal or recycling. That’s equivalent to filling the Maracanã — Brazil’s national football stadium — 26 times. These impressive statistics represent the largest and most successful container management program in the world. It’s […]