About Us

With rapid developments in UAV technology, especially in recent years, the demand for professional, yet affordable solutions has skyrocketed as companies are looking for a new way to improve their bottom line, compete with rivals in the industry, improve safety and efficiency of operations, and numerous other reasons.

This has subsequently led to an increase in service providers for UAV, or drone, technology. However, quality must be considered above quantity to effectively make use of the advantage that technology such as this can bring to a company.

RPAS Consulting is a South African-based company that aims to offer quick, professional, and affordable drone-based solutions to clients in a variety of industrial segments across South Africa.


Our solutions include:

Commercial and professional drone services

Qualified and licensed drone operators

Drone Security and surveillance services

Thermal drone inspections

Drone surveys and engineering inspections

Aerial photography and surveys

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has implemented stringent regulations associated with commercial and professional use of drones, stating the following:

  • It is prohibited to fly a drown 10 kilometres or closer to an airport without permission from the SACAA.
  • It is prohibited to fly a drone within 50 metres from people or private property, without permission from the owner of the property.
  • Drones may not be flown at night.
  • Drones may not be flown inside or over national parks.

RPAS Consulting is officially registered for BVLOS as well as night flying operations. Beyond Visual Line of Sight, or BVLOS, is one of the most crucial factors in the drone industry as it allows for drones to cover greater distances.

In being registered with BVLOS, RPAS Consulting can add more value to the drone requirements of clients by providing:

  • Flights within controlled, restricted, and prohibited airspace.
  • Operations within 50m of buildings, over people and public roads.
  • Covering operations close to strategic installations, national key points, crime scenes, nuclear plants, prisons, police stations, and court of law.
  • Night flying.

In addition, SACAA also dictates that, to fly a drone for professional and/or commercial use, a CAA approved and valid remote pilot license along with an approval letter to operate the drone is necessary. Where remotely piloted aircraft are used for any other reason other than private, they must be registered and operated in terms of Part 101 of the SACAA regulations.

RPAS Consulting has successfully completed the necessary CAA demonstrations needed to obtain remote pilot licenses in addition to the required approval letter. RPAS Consulting aims to provide customers with reliable services and exceptional customer service in a consistent manner within the legal parameters as set by SACAA.

The focus is on teamwork, continuous innovation, and striving towards efficiency in meeting, and exceeding, any objectives or needs that customers may have in employing drone technology.